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May 1, 2013

Non-smoking non-drinking elderly females with oral squamous cell carcinoma

K Koo, R Barrowman, M McCullough, T Iseli, D Wiesenfeld (2013)  Non-smoking non-drinking elderly females: a clinically distinct subgroup of oral squamous cell carcinoma patients. International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery May 2013


Abstract: There is growing interest in non-smoking non-drinking (NSND) patients presenting with oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC). There are, however, few published reports of OSCC in the elderly. We describe a subgroup of elderly NSND patients presenting with OSCC. Patients with SCC of the oral cavity were retrospectively assessed from the Head and Neck Oncology Tumour Stream database of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Epidemiological and clinical data for 169 consecutive patients were reviewed and analysed. NSND patients were more likely to be females with a higher median age at presentation. They were more likely to have maxillary alveolus tumours and oral tongue tumours, with retromolar or mandibular tumours less likely. Second primary tumours for this subgroup were confined to the oral cavity. NSND elderly females experienced a worse disease-specific mortality. We have identified a distinct subgroup of elderly female patients presenting with OSCC not associated with the traditional risk factors of tobacco and alcohol, who have a worse prognosis. Altered management algorithms may prove beneficial for these patients, and further investigation and genetic analysis are required to delineate the aetiology of these carcinomas. 

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