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Member and Collaborator Services

Data Access Request System

Researchers at BioGrid Australia member and/or collaborator institutions may submit new or amended applications requesting access to data connected to BioGrid using our online application system. Click here for information about the application process. 


SAS Web Report Studio

Authorised researchers can view, create and edit reports based on connected datasets in a simple web interface.


SAS Enterprise Guide

Authorised researchers can utilise this comprehensive data and statistical analysis application to analyse, explore and visualise connected datasets for approved audit and research projects. If you are a first-time user you can download the user guide, which also contains the access instructions for Mac users.




For technical difficulties using SAS to access BioGrid Australia linked data, please log a request with the Royal Melbourne Hospital Help Desk for assistance. You can log your request by emailing HelpDeskRelay@mh.org.au and stating the application as "BioGrid".






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