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Services & Tools

BioGrid Australia Services include:


Data collection

  • Access data (patient, treatment, outcome, genetic, etc) on more than 3 million records
  • Design a dataset, modify an existing one or create software to prospectively collect clinical data.
  • View your patient treatment data in real time and tailor your own reports for auditing and reporting.


Database linkage

  • Link your database with diverse hospital, university and government databases (death dates, etc).
  • Link Biospecimen data to clinical data.


Data analysis

  • Statistical analysis software and services.
  • Assistance with data exploration, analysis or web reports.


Project Management

  • Project management to establish data collection for a multi-site clinical project.
  • Grant submission and project design assistance.


BioGrid uses a range of Data Collection Software for various disease groups.


Read about BioGrid's Data Collection Software and find links to sample software here


BioGrid has a number of statistical tools that are available to staff at any member site. Even though these tools are provided for analysis of BioGrid research data, they can be used for any statistical analysis. 


Read about available Analysis Tools here