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BioGrid Data Collection Software

BioGrid has developed a number of web-based applications for the collection and management of health information to support clinical care and facilitate clinical research. These applications are available for use by all BioGrid Members and Collaborators and include:


ACCORD (Oncology Clinical and Research Database)


Diabetes Clinical and Research Database


Pituitary Tumour Clinical and Research Database


TRACC (Treatment of Recurrent and Advanced Colorectal Cancer) Clinical Registry


TABITHA (Treatment of Advanced Breast Cancer in the HER2 Positive Australian Patient) Clinical Registry 


ePAD (electronic Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer Australian Database) Clinical Registry 


Where BioGrid-developed software is being used, the role of BioGrid Australia is to:

At each site where BioGrid-developed software is installed, a local Administrator is appointed as the subject matter expert for the database. The Administrator assists users with how to use the database and maintains the entries in the drop down lists in the application.


The local site's IT department supports users in case of network or server failure or if users forget their network password, which will be required to access the database. A local database administrator within the site's IT department may be required to help with data issues that may arise as BioGrid does not have authority to access the source database where data is entered.