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BioGrid Training

SAS Training and Development for BioGrid Users

BioGrid is offering complimentary training sessions in the use of SAS Web Report Studio. These training sessions are aimed at both new and existing users who are looking to familiarise themselves with the updated software. These hands-on sessions will include valuable information on how to use the latest analysis and graphical features as well as tailoring reports for individual research projects.


Hands-on sessions will include the following information and training:

  • How BioGrid works
  • How to find out what data is available in BioGrid
  • How to apply for access to data
  • Making your data available through BioGrid
  • BioGrid data analysis services and tools
  • Hands on SAS Web Report Studio training


Places are limited, to register or for further information on how to book your training session please contact us on 03 9342 3167 or email us with your name, phone number, institution, BioGrid username (if applicable) and preferred training date. 


Onsite-site Training Options

The SAS Training can be held on-site at member institutions for group bookings of five or more people.  The training can be customised to specific requirements.  For further information on how to book your training session please e-mail us with your contact details, location and training requirements.


BioGrid Querying and Analysis Tools


  • Application which allows users to view and create reports over the Internet
  • Web reports display the latest data
  • BioGrid creates Information Maps to your specifications which are used by WRS to view a flat file of the data
  • Application can be used for audit, reporting and data cleaning
  • Easy export of output data
  • Designed for users who do not have knowledge of database table relationships
  • No understanding of database table relationships required


  • Software is accessed via Remote Desktop Connection to a BioGrid server, therefore no installation is required
  • Combine data from similar databases
  • Link data across databases using a Unique Subject Index
  • Summary and descriptive statistics and data analysis
  • Recode data, sort and filter
  • Generate graphs, tables and lists
  • Import and export of data and other outputs
  • Some understanding of database table relationships required