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How to access data in BioGrid

Application Process Preparing your Application Completing your Application After Submitting After Approval

Application Process

Application Preparation

Please collect all information before you start the application. 

What information are we asking you to provide?


Application Submission

Complete your application online.

How do you complete your application? - Step by step


Agreement to BioGrid Terms and Conditions

Each applicant will receive an email from BioGrid immediately after submitting the application. Click on the link in the received email; your agreement to BioGrid Terms and Conditions is required before your application will be processed.


Data Custodian Approval

Each custodian of the databases you have selected will be notified about your request. They will review your project details and decide either to approve your access to their database or may contact you for further information.

Scientific Advisory Committee Evaluation

Two Members of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) will evaluate your research project regarding scientific quality and the potential impact of the research.

BioGrid Management Committee Approval

Final approval of your application must be given by the Management Committee.

Receiving Login Details

After your access has been approved by all relevant parties, a database administrator will create logins and assign access to approved databases for your project. The login details will be sent to each applicant via email.

Start analysing data

You can now start analysing the data by using the tools provided by BioGrid.

What can you do after you receive your login?