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Victorian Cancer Biobank

The Victorian Cancer Biobank (Biobank) is a Consortium of tissue banks with member sites at Austin Health, Melbourne Health, Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Southern Health, with Central Operations based at the Cancer Council Victoria.


The Biobank provides ethically obtained, high quality biospecimens to support cancer research, in both the academic and commercial sectors, with the aim of facilitating improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. In addition, the Biobank supports the processing of blood and tissue samples for clinical trials and translational research projects. A centrally coordinated application process streamlines access to biospecimens and services across all sites. Details of biospecimens and services available can be found at www.viccancerbiobank.org.au


BioGrid Australia and Victorian Cancer Biobank partnership


Our collaboration with the Biobank allows researchers for the first time in Australia to access clinically annotated data associated with tissue and blood samples across multiple sites via a single platform.


The Biobank data available via the BioGrid platform can be linked to other databases in BioGrid to:

  • Select patient cohorts e.g. Breast cancer patients over 60 who have been treated with a particular chemotherapy regimen.
  • Link biospecimens to detailed clinical data including presentation, treatment, recurrence and follow up. 
  • Link your research results with the Biobank and other data available in BioGrid in a de-identified form.

To view individuals in common between the Biobank and other databases available in BioGrid use the Matching Matrix.


For further information on what data is linked to BioGrid, how to access data or on how to make your data available on the BioGrid platform, contact the BioGrid data team.


Applying for Biospecimens


Details about the application process can be found on the Biobank website. The Biobank’s unique centralised application and dispatch process enables researchers to communicate directly with the Applications Manager. The Biobank and BioGrid work together to provide tissue and associated clinical data to researchers in a streamlined process. For further information on biospecimen data requirements please contact the Biobank.