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Contributing Data to BioGrid

Contributing data to BioGrid allows you to take advantage of the services and software BioGrid offers:

  • access your own data using the BioGrid querying and statistical tools
  • allow others to access your data, with your permission
  • link your data to other databases (ie surgery with outcomes)
  • combine your data with databases at other sites to generate larger datasets
  • receive asssistance from BioGrid data managers with querying and analysis

Steps - How to link your database into BioGrid

  1. Obtain your institution's ethics approval

    Members: BioGrid will need to submit an amendment to your institution's ethics committee to add your database.
    Is your institution currently a BioGrid member? Please see the list of existing members below.

    New research projects with prospective data collection must include the Standard Clause necessary in research studies.
    Standard Clause

    Non-Members: Obtain your institution's ethics approval to add your database to BioGrid.
    If not a current member of BioGrid, HREC approval is required for BioGrid processes and the database to be connected. Read more

  2. IT Requirements Information for New Members

    Find out about the IT Requirements for linking a database into BioGrid

  3. Linking your database with BioGrid

    BioGrid requires information about your database once your ethic's committee has approved your database being added to BioGrid. Read more

  4. What can you do once your database is linked into BioGrid?

    Find out more about BioGrid services and available software


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