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BioGrid is launching a new website in May 2019! Watch this space!

Link your database with BioGrid

Once your institution’s Ethics Committee has approved your database being added to BioGrid, the following information is required:

  • Where is the database stored on your institution’s network or PC? E.g. s:/shared/my_data/results.dbs
  • Will the data be updated periodically (nightly/weekly/monthly) or is it a once off load to BioGrid?
  • What type of database is it? Eg SQL, Access, DB2
  • Which fields would you like to be viewed in BioGrid
    [Note: no identifiers are viewed but are required to make the unique subject index (USI) for linking]
  • Do you have the identifiers required to generate the USI?
    • Surname
    • First name
    • Middle initial (not compulsory)
    • Sex (not compulsory)
    • Date of Birth
    • Digits 5-9 of the Medicare number (not compulsory)
  • What are the definitions of the fields in your database? This is used to create the Web Business Glossary so users can search for information and compare definitions.

A BioGrid staff member will contact you about these questions once ethics have been approved.