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Matching Matrix

This tool will allow you to identify which databases have individuals in common. The BioGrid Unique Subject Identifier is used to detect the number of individuals in common between the database you select and all other databases connected to the BioGrid platform. This feature can assist you in applying for access to relevant databases for your research projects.


For example if you require matching tissue and clinical data for your project, this tool can identify if any of the individuals that may have a specimen in a Biobank also exist in any of the connected clinical databases.


This tool should be used in conjunction with the database's Data Dictionary (DD) to identify specific fields required for your project before submitting an application through the BioGrid Data Access Request System.


Matching Matrix

Database Name
Matching Individuals


The number of matches indicates the number of individuals in common between the selected database and all the databases on the BioGrid platform. This number does NOT imply all data for each individual is complete or that specific tissue or blood is available in a connected biobank from those individuals. This number is only indicative.


The matching numbers across databases connected to BioGrid are updated weekly.


The databases available for matching purposes are only those databases approved and available for access through the BioGrid Data Access Request System.