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Incorporation of BioGrid Australia Limited

'A not-for-profit company owned by the Australian medical research industry'


On March 26, 2009 BioGrid Australia Limited (ACN 136 185 647) was incorporated as a public company limited by guarantee. The company members are those parties that have signed the new BioGrid Australia Collaboration Agreement which became effective from May 11, 2009. 


The new not-for-profit company has been licensed by the Collaboration Agreement members to operate the existing BioGrid Australia data linkage platform on behalf of all current members and other parties wishing to work with BioGrid Australia.


The company is governed by a board of directors.


The company received approval for income tax exemption and Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status from the Australian Tax Office, the latter enabling it to receive tax deductible donations for further research.


A Collaboration Agreement and Member Management Committee

The BioGrid Australia Collaboration Agreement was signed by twenty members and became effective from May 11, 2009. Collaboration continues to expand with current members now extending across Australia.


The BioGrid Australia Member Management Committee consists of one full voting representative from each member institution and provides governance direction and guidance to the BioGrid Executive Team in accordance with the provisions of the Agreement.


Interested in becoming a member of, or collaborating with BioGrid Australia?

If your organisation is a health service, university, research institute or professional association or foundation, your organisation is eligible to apply for membership of the BioGrid Collaboration or collaborate with BioGrid. Explore the benefits of collaboration and how your organisation can collaborate with BioGrid.