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European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) Australia

EMBL Australia and BioGrid Australia Limited have reached agreement to support Australian life science research in 2012 through joint activities including collaboration and sharing of expertise via workshops, training and other opportunities that will enhance researchers’ understanding of the capabilities of genomics and bioinformatics.


EMBL Australia was formed to foster Australian research excellence through integrated research networks that connect to global partnerships, driving enhanced research quality through the development of world class scientific leaders.  The objective is to enhance Australia’s international competitiveness in the life sciences and strengthen Australia’s emerging position as a leader in biotechnology research.


In March 2008 Australia accepted an invitation to partner with Europe’s pre-eminent research institute, the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL). This partnership saw Australia granted Associate Member status (the first ever offered) for a period of seven years and created EMBL Australia. This invitation was extended to Australia due to EBML’s scientific strengths in cell biology, clinical research, stem cells and regenerative medicine, chemical biology and genetics epidemiology.


EMBL’s mission is to:

  • Perform cutting-edge research in molecular biology
  • Offer services to European scientists
  • Provide advanced training to researchers at all levels
  • Develop new technologies and instrumentation
  • Actively engage in technology transfer to the benefit of science and society

EMBL Australia provides Australian researchers’ access to EMBL through activities such as funded research positions, collaborative ventures and the formation of research institutes.


More information on EMBL Australia, including its research facilities, can be found at http://www.emblaustralia.org/


EMBL Australia:  Silvio Tiziani on 0418 536 209 or silvio.tiziani@emblaustralia.org

BioGrid Australia:  Maureen Turner on + 61 (03) 9342 3167or enquiries@biogrid.org.au