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Standard Clause for inclusion in research studies

BioGrid Project

As a result of your participation in this study, your data may also be used for another study being undertaken at [insert name of participating institution, eg Royal Melbourne Hospital], BioGrid. BioGrid researchers seek to better understand how individuals’ characteristics affect the way in which they respond to a disease and to its various potential treatments, through linking participant information from multiple sources.


Your de-identified research information will be made available for possible use in future research to specialist researchers, from both [insert name of participating institution eg Royal Melbourne Hospital] and other hospitals or research organisations. Access to the data will be subject to appropriate ethics review, is restricted to authorised researchers, with all requests logged and audited. Data may be stored for an indefinite period of time.


Researchers using BioGrid data will only see coded information, which does not identify you. Only the institution at which this study was conducted will have the key from which you can be identified.


If you require further information regarding BioGrid and the storage, use and disclosure of your personal and/or health information as part of that Project, please advise the Principal Researcher, who will provide you with further information, including a copy of “Frequently Asked Questions”, a copy of which is also available at Patient Information