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How to access data in BioGrid

Application Process Preparing your Application Completing your Application After Submitting After Approval

Preparing your Application


Please ensure you have the following information before you start the online application:

  1. Project details
    • Name and detailed description of your project or research
    • Principal Investigator of this research project – Name, Phone, Email, Institution
    • Prime Contact for the study – Name, Phone, Email, Institution
    • Institution and Department from where the project is being run
    • Sources of funding
    • If the project is commercial: Commercial purpose and commercial lead
  2. The science of your project
    • Description of the science of your research project, including your hypotheses, objectives, study design and feasibility and potential sample where required. You can enter this information into the form or attach documents to the application.
    • Description of how you plan to translate your findings into clinical care, education and training.
    • Provide sufficient information about the science of your research. Members of the Scientific Advisory Committee will evaluate your research project based on the information you provide regarding scientific quality and the potential impact of the research.
  3. The data required
    Before you submit your application please ensure you have identified the databases you require access to. You can search the databases, fields and field definitions on our website under "Data → by Disease Group" or "Database Finder". Make sure you select only those databases you will need to access for your project. Selecting incorrect databases may delay the progress of your application.
  4. The people involved in the project
    Nomination of all people involved in the project, including authors and any other people who will have access to data. You will require the Name, Phone and Email of each person. Of those, you will need to identify who requires a login to access data using our analysis tools to view the tables, fields and reports.
  5. Security and Archiving
    Description of the security and archiving arrangements for downloaded data.

Please read the Guide to Collaboration in BioGrid before you start your application:


Guide to collaboration through BioGrid

Many Clinicians are involved in BioGrid - as data custodians as well as researchers. This is a guide to ensure that the collaboration will be as smooth as possible. It should be noted that although access approval is granted electronically, and the terms and conditions of use of the data are agreed to as part of that process, it is important to involve the data custodians in discussion, analysis and publication of the research.


Suggested steps:

  1. Introduce yourself and the research project to the data custodian; send an email followed by a phone call and possibly a visit. (Remember that the data custodians are the ones that know their data best.)
  2. Send them a draft of the summary of the proposed project.
  3. Fill in the online BioGrid access request which automates and logs the approval process.
  4. Involve the data custodians in the early data exploration - send copies of graphs, ideas on the data – send as dot points for feedback.
  5. Send drafts of abstracts – be clear about deadlines for feedback.
  6. Send drafts of papers – be clear about deadlines for feedback.
  7. Involve data custodians in ideas for further projects – engage in grants to expand the research.

Finally, the key to successful collaboration is communication and involvement. If information is urgently required send a quick email and follow-up.