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How to access data in BioGrid

Application Process Preparing your Application Completing your Application After Submitting After Approval

Completing your Application

Read our User Manual which will help you to complete the online form.


We recommend you read about the Application Process and have all of the information about your research project with you.


Overview of Application

The first screen will remind you of the required information and what happens once you have submitted your application. Read thoroughly before you proceed.


Page 1: Provide your Project's Details

Enter the information about your research project in each field and use the User Manual - Chapter 2.2.2 for help if needed.


Page 2: Describe the science

Explain your science/analysis question you wish to answer with data and how you are planning to translate your research findings into clinical care.


Page 3: Select the required databases

On this page, you specify which databases you would like to access.

If you only need a login and access to our sample database, please select the SAMPLE-Data in section "Other".


Page 4: Provide details of ALL people involved in your project

If you require BioGrid Data Manager assistance to help with your analysis and data queries, please tick the box "Yes". Then download the Data Manager Request Form and send the completed form to enquiries@biogrid.org.au.

All people who are part of the project should be added (including authors for publications), you can then specify who requires a login to access the databases.


Page 5: Describe Security and Archiving arrangement

If you are not sure what belongs to each question, click on the information button "i".


Page 6: Read the summary and submit

This page shows a summary of all information you have provided. You can go back if you need to make changes by clicking "Edit Application". If all information is correct, click "Submit Application".

You will need a browser and Internet connection to start your application.