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How to Join the Collaboration

Joining the BioGrid Australia Collaboration

There are a number of ways in which you can join and work with BioGrid Australia including:

•      Joining the BioGrid Australia Collaboration as a full member (Collaboration Agreement[1]);

•      Collaborating with BioGrid Australia using a Data and Research Collaboration Agreement (DARC[2]);

•      Collaborating with BioGrid Australia for a limited term one off project using a project specific agreement.

The first two options assume an ongoing active collaboration between BioGrid and the member or collaborator, the third being limited in term and scope.

Annual member or collaborator fees are associated with the first two options due to BioGrid's national data linkage platform infrastructure support and software tools available through BioGrid to assist researchers to analyse and present data for research purposes.  Refer to the BioGrid Member Collaborator Benefits Guide[3] for more information. Project specific agreements usually incur a project specific fee to enable BioGrid to deliver the agreed project outcomes.

Establishment of the BioGrid Australia Collaboration

The BioGrid Australia Collaboration Agreements between collaborator institutions and BioGrid address collaboration, data and project issues as they relate to data contribution and usage across the BioGrid platform.  The Collaboration Agreements were established to protect both data contributors and users employed by the collaborating institutions, particularly in relation to data and project intellectual property.  To ensure that each collaborator is equally protected, each participating collaborator institution is required to execute either the member Collaboration Agreement[1] or the Data and Research Collaboration Agreement[2].

The specific areas covered in both Collaboration Agreements include:

1.      Collaboration

         Collaboration Governance

         Management of Collaboration

         Member/Collaborator Fees

         Asset Management

         Intellectual Property (IP)

         Collaboration IP


2.      Data

         Access to Data

         Background IP relating to provision of member’s data

         Background IP relating to access to other collaborator’s data


3.      Projects

         Project Proposals

         Undertaking Projects

         Project IP

         Commercialisation of Project IP


BioGrid Australia Collaboration Options

1.      Full Member

This model is where potential long term collaborators join the BioGrid Australia Collaboration with a full voting seat on the BioGrid Australia Management Committee and also become members of the limited liability (not-for-profit) public company that has been incorporated and licensed by the Collaboration members to operate the data linkage platform.

For those wishing to join the BioGrid Australia Collaboration Agreement as members, the steps are as follows:

1.1.  BioGrid Australia provides the prospective member with the following documents: 

•      BioGrid Australia Limited Constitution; 

•      The Collaboration Agreement Establishing the BioGrid Australia Collaboration (and all Schedules and Annexure) (Collaboration Agreement[1]); 

•      An Application Form to join as a member of BioGrid Australia Limited; and, 

•      Deed of Accession to join the BioGrid Australia Collaboration Agreement.


1.2.  The prospective member completes and executes (i.e. signs) and returns to BioGrid Australia: 

•      Application Form to join BioGrid Australia Limited as a Member; and 

•      Deed of Accession to join the BioGrid Australia Collaboration Agreement.


1.3.  The Management Committee (of the BioGrid Australia Collaboration Agreement) then considers the Deed of Accession signed by the prospective member. The Management Committee is required to pass a unanimous resolution consenting to the admission of the prospective member. 


1.4.  BioGrid Australia Limited Board receives and considers the Application Form to join as a member and when approved by the Board enters the new member details in the BioGrid Australia Limited Register of Members.


1.5.  BioGrid Australia invites the new member to take up one voting position on the Management Committee that meets as required.

2.      Non-Member Collaborator

For a new prospective Collaborator that prefers to participate in the BioGrid Australia Collaboration as a non-Member Collaborator (that is, without membership or any right of representation on the Management Committee and without membership or voting rights in BioGrid Australia Limited), the steps are as follows:

2.1.  The Prospective non-member collaborator executes (i.e. signs) a Data and Research Collaboration Agreement (DARC[2]).

2.2.  BioGrid Australia Limited executes (i.e. signs) the DARC.

3.      Specific Project Agreement

These are short term one off project agreements developed in line with a specific project.  These projects are conducted under a fee for service contractual arrangement. Project specific agreements can be executed with any organisation so long as the agreement does not contravene the BioGrid Australia Collaboration Agreement and is approved by the BioGrid Australia Board and BioGrid members. 

For further information on the benefits[3] and how to work with the BioGrid Australia Collaboration, or to request membership/collaboration documentation, contact us on either enquiries@biogrid.org.au or +61 (3) 9342 2690.

Current BioGrid members and collaborators


[1]       The Collaboration Agreement Establishing the BioGrid Australia Collaboration (and all Schedules and Annexure), v25178634v6, originally executed 11 May 2009,  Deed of Variation executed 19 August 2010.

[2]       The Data and Research Collaboration Agreement, 25116540v4, dated January 2015.

[3]       BioGrid Member Collaborator Benefits Guide, updated each July