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BioGrid Pituitary Tumour Clinical and Research Database

Designed in partnership with endocrinologists, the BioGrid Pituitary Tumour Database is a web-based application that enables the management of patients’ pituitary tumour diagnosis, treatment and follow-up information. Designed to operate within clinics, with clinicians reviewing and updating patient information during consultations, the application produces patient summary reports and letters to facilitate multi-disciplinary care.  


The BioGrid Pituitary Tumour Database enables the collection of a comprehensive dataset, including:

  • Demographic Details 
  • Diagnosis and Clinical Features
  • Surgical Treatments
  • Radiotherapy
  • Medications
  • Pathology Test Results

To support its use within clinics, the BioGrid Pituitary Tumour Database produces a number of reports and letters, including:

  • Letter to the Multi-Disciplinary Care Team
  • Patient Summary Report

The database can also be connected to the BioGrid Australia data linkage platform, enabling data to be used for approved collaborative clinical audit and research projects.

Demonstration Database

To explore the BioGrid Diabetes Clinical and Research Database, try the demonstration software using the username and password below.


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username: dataentry

password: dataentry


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